All businesses are looking for a fresh start to promote their products and services online today at competitive prices, but what if your Website is over 3 years old? It may be time to re-brand and recreate a fresh new look? Whether you have been in business for a few months or 30 years, a new Website can enhance your brand and increase profitability in your business.
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Do you want a Digital Marketing Consultant and Web Design Company that can assess and strategize the WHOLE picture?

As my web consultant, Paradigmmedia continues to provide creative and strategic ideas for every web update that is required to ensure \your content is relevant and that it projects a competitive edge in the digital marketing environment.

If you need a consultant that understands the whole picture, from Branding and Video Production to Digital Marketing and Content Management, book Julie Patton for a free consultation and get your project off to an amazing start!

Do you want a Website, that saves you time & money and is easy to use?

Paradigmmedia just redesigned my website at Focus31, with the latest WordPress Mobile Responsive Website using the “Divi” theme.

So far, I have received positive feedback about the site, on how the content is a great provider of business planning resources for new business prospects.

It is so easy to edit in the back-end, and manipulate the modules that it has saved me time and money in taking control of my own site, and not always having to rely on the web designers to fix a simple change.

Do you want an Search Engine Optimization service that makes sure you are getting the best value for your Monthly fee?

Also, we review the ongoing Search Engine Optimization, analyzing a very user-friendly monthly report reflecting an increase in visitors and an ongoing assessment on how to attract more visitors to the website.”

James Burgess

Founder, FOCUS31 and Synergen-X Management